lobster creels, crab creels and keep cages

Our Lobster and Crab creels are made from 8 or IOmm steel welded together and then black plastic coated, with a range of netting for the covers and heavy nylon soft eyes for entrances. Others have top entrances with parlour sections fitted to retain the catch. The creel frame is bound with rope over the bars for protection and the base can be either rubber or rope bound. The velvet crab creels are similar in construction and are usually set round the shore of Mull and Iona where they are well tested by the local fishing fleet. A lot of modifications are incorporated in consultation with the fishing fleet.

We also manufacture keep cages of different designs for holding the lobsters, crabs and prawns. The prawn keeps hold the boxes of tubes containing prawns to prevent losses.

We also refurbish old lobster and crab creels that need re-coating and are then fitted with new net and binding.

We manufacture new bases for the fishermen who cut off the old bases and keep the good frame and netting, these bases are roped on and are a cost effective way of extending the life of the creel. The bases are often made in 10mm to offset the buoyancy of the binding rope.

At the request of fishermen we have fitted double eyes to crab and lobster creels that originally had only one eye.

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